Thursday, May 3, 2012

Poem of Redemption

 In my vocabulary department, I still get confused by the definition of the word and its application in real life. Being native (South) Korean, who studied English in ESL (English as a Second Language) environment, I have endless stories to tell how I ended up speaking and writing in English eventually.

 For a while I was afraid of using the word 'redeem' and 'redemption', partially because I didn't know their exact meaning. So I finally look them up in the dictionary.
 Redeem : [VERB] If you redeem yourself or your reputation, you do something that makes people have a good opinion of you again after you have behaved or performed badly.
 Redemption : [NOUN] Redemption is the act of redeeming something or of being redeemed by something.

Title : Feet are Not for Kicking
    I thought about my 4-year-old daughter's school activity, Pulitzer Ceremony.  When I explained to her about Pulitzer prize and writers and illustrators, she wanted to write her own, and she said it was about a girl who played in the garden. She kicked a boy's face by accident. She felt sorry, and apologized to him, and now she knows feet are not for kicking (even it's make-believe), and she won't do that again. 

   I had to laugh, but shortly after I fixed my facial expression to a serious mode. That girl was meant to be her, and she was describing an incident at her school few weeks back. For many days of reinforcement of her self-reflection, she finally examined her behavior by herself. I couldn't be happier! I cried within, Hurrah!!!! 

Make-believe princess protects herself from the scary dragon, by kicking his face.
Boy's endless tears flow down to the ground.

A girl feels sorry, and apologizes to him.

  This is my daughter's first poem, a poem of redemption. :)

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